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PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA–Among the thousands of jobs out there, Daphnee Lucenet never dared to dream of being a model when she was young.  “I always thought I did not look good enough to be a model,” Lucenet told Khmerican. But she did–in the most randomness luck–with an international liquor brand at an age when she probably […]

In the Spotlight: Alin Pech

Alin Pech, also known as A.P, was born in Cambodia in 1980. His remaining family who survived the Khmer Rouge regime fled the country and made their way to a refugee camp in Thailand. Eventually, A.P and his family immigrated to America. A.P fell in love with music at the age of five. America introduced him to Michael […]

JL JUPITER – RESIDENT ALIEN Review of Camden artist’s debut album Rap and R&B artist Jeff “JL Jupiter” Lek delivers in his highly anticipated debut album, “Resident Alien,” featuring the singles “Bad Guy,” “AlphaOmega,” and “I’m Still Here.” While many artists attempt to juggle multiple styles, only a handful can master them well enough to […]

Under the thick clouds of 555 smokes and a circle of Hennessy scented men, the living room goes awkwardly silent. Three colorful dices with six different objects are revealed and displayed on a flat plate. Immediately, a man hand gestures the empty game board

BROOKLYN, NY – If the Mubarak administration in Egypt were as strong as the country’s iconic pyramids, it might have withstood the ‘million-man march.’ But those world wonders were built by the pharaohs, and Mubarak is far from godly in the eyes of the general populace. So as the inevitable neared, voices emerged throughout cyberspace on […]

GREENWICH VILLAGE, NY – So the conversation has started – Cambodia is an unlikely candidate to ride along on the social media revolution sweeping the globe. The young democratic nation of nearly 15 million might be viewed as a microcosm of how national policies for health and international aid should be managed. However, Cambodia lacks the […]