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Monica Mak

Hello, my name is Monica Mak and I am 17-years-old. I grew up in Cambodia for 5 years before I moved to Seattle, Washington. The environment that I was surrounded by in Cambodia was your typical little village near the capital. I grew up with not much, like the majority of the people in Cambodia […]

By Lauren Imbrock “The title of the play Red Earth, Gold Gate, Shadow Sky symbolizes the red earth of Cambodia, the Golden Gate Bridge of coming to America, and the sky, the horizons that are shadowed by life.” — Mark Jenkins For the past year, Seattle director Victor Pappas and Mark Jenkins, playwright and University […]

To the uninitiated, love and gang life would seem incompatible. How could something as benevolent as love fit into the common perception of gangs as dangerously violent and criminal? It’s surprising, then, to witness members of the largest Asian gang in America proclaim that they have love for each other as brothers—a family of choice […]

SEATTLE, WA — May is Hepatitis Awareness Month, and the Hepatitis B Coalition of Washington kicks things off with its annual hepatitis B forum. The forum features the latest Hepatitis B research and engagement projects for immigrant and refugee communities in Washington State including leaders from local hospitals, clinics, and community groups. As reported previously, one in […]

SEATTLE, WA — Every 30 to 45 seconds, someone in the world dies from complications related to the hepatitis B virus (HBV). In fact, 60 to 80 percent of liver cancer in the world is caused by hepatitis B. However, HBV is highly preventable through proper screening and vaccination, and even when contracted, it is […]

SEATTLE, WA — Somewhere in White Center behind the closed doors of an inconspicuous, unmarked garage door, three men bang away at the frame of a 1963 Chevy Impala, pitting steel against steel. In the background, songs by Zapp and Roger can barely be heard against the backdrop of a humming air compressor giving off the […]

SEATTLE, WA — A powerful blizzard that has crippled the Seattle area eased up a bit as of Friday. Conditions changed for the better as higher than expected temperatures brought rain instead of snow, making commuting possible once again, albeit cautiously. Some meteorologists were calling it the worst snowstorm here in 25 years. Thursday’s conditions were the […]

Cambodian labor union delegates’ trip to US to further enhance their skills and participate in cross cultural components in anticipation to strengthen and solidify mechanisms of union organizing work.