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GAINSWave New Jersey – FDA Cleared Acoustic Shockwave Therapy to Help Treat ED

Men’s health becomes more vital and important as the body ages, although it should be a primary concern from a young age. Living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as you age only benefits you more and more as you age. Unfortunately, that is not always the way things go and sometimes older men have health issues out of their control. Health issues at an old age can range anywhere from high high blood pressure to heart disease. A primary concern for men as the age is the health of their penis and the ability to perform as the once did in their younger years.

Thankfully like most health conditions, there is medication that can be taken to help older men who struggle with erectile dysfunction and, or sexual performance. These medications are prescribed by a health physician, are somewhat affordable, and help men when it comes time to enter the bedroom. Unfortunately their effectiveness relies on your responsibility to take them at not only the right time, but also consistently. To some this is not convenient, and to some they may not work as they had hoped. All hope may seem lost, but there is a new breakthrough treatment in the anti aging and wellness health scene called GAINSWave. This procedure is non invasive and has long term effects that tiny blue pills do not offer. Read on to learn more!

GAINSWave is a revolutionary solution for men, not just elderly, who are seeking better erections and optimal sexual performance. Simply put, strong blood flow is essential to strong erectile function. The GAINSWave™ Procedure uses pulsating acoustic shockwaves to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the penis by removing plaque build up in the penile area. This increases the blood flow to the penis and improves sexual function. In addition, the procedure stimulates the growth of new nerve tissue in the penis using an FDA approved low intensity shockwave device.

For those looking for GAINSWave in New Jersey, We at Healthy Aging Medical Centers offer a solution for those looking to treat erectile dysfunction and hope to get the results they are looking for in a timely fashion without having to remember a time at which to take the medication or dose number. See increases in performance and sexual confidence by taking advantage of this drug free, non invasive procedure. Improve your confidence and enjoy the benefits today, call Healthy Aging Medical Centers or book a free online consultation today, we look forward to helping you.

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