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Camilla Vivian Mayer

Hello, my name is Camilla Mayer and I’m a model, activist, and social media maven originally from Chicago. I’ve been living in New York City for the last 10 years. This past August 2017, I decided to move to Stockholm, Sweden.

Camilla Vivian Mayer

My relationship with my Khmer side is really special. My mother is Khmer and growing up in Chicago, my identity was deeply rooted and shaped through my Cambodian family through the Cambodian Christian community, Khmer language and homemade Khmer food. So many special memories consist of my mother and grandmother lovingly cooking Khmer food or humming classic hymns in a Khmer version. These memories give me a lot of comfort as an adult today.

Camilla Vivian Mayer

I have been interviewed by The New York Times about the Millennial Generation and was nominated as part of the “Hottest Bachelorettes You Should Know in Manhattan.” I co-founded Open Haus Collective with my blog partner Karina De Jesus two years ago. OHC is a YouTube platform that brings community and culture to life. My latest career achievement was being brought on to help launch an almost all vegan and cruelty free makeup brand called Milk Makeup.

I’m most passionate about the arts and advocacy through industry. I hope to start a fashion business one day that employs and empowers underprivileged women.

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