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Leading integration projects with senior executives on Wall Street as a 20-something is a far cry from receiving public assistance while growing up in Boston’s inner city. It’s the unlikely but true story of Nanda Neng, a business management professional by day who spent her nights behind the turntables at Scratch DJ Academy. In fact, […]

If Angkor beer is the only food/beverage brand you know of from Cambodia (“my country, my beer”), then you haven’t been exposed to the emerging movement for locally sourced offerings for refreshment, including producers of palm wine, fruit juices, and coffee. Not only do such products increase the visibility of Khmer culinary offerings, they hold […]

To the uninitiated, love and gang life would seem incompatible. How could something as benevolent as love fit into the common perception of gangs as dangerously violent and criminal? It’s surprising, then, to witness members of the largest Asian gang in America proclaim that they have love for each other as brothers—a family of choice […]

A little girl, wiry and dexterous, chops down thick plant stalks while her mother digs for potatoes in reddish-orange dirt, the jungle’s trees enveloping them both. Their movements are quick, efficient with long practice, yet in contrast, the camera lingers. This simple action is symbolic of the entire lifestyle depicted in Kalyanee Mam’s “A River […]

American author Annie Dillard once observed that reading about war makes you realize the world is a moral arena that requires your strength. There is a struggle to be joined, a side to be chosen. Indeed, reading about modern Cambodia as a post-war society, this sentiment resonates strongly. The dozen fictional stories comprising “Just a […]

LOS ANGELES, CA – Spoken word artist Kosal Khiev has been chosen to represent Cambodia as a Cultural Olympiad in association with the London 2012 Olympic Games this summer, from July 27th through August 12th. During the Poetry Parnassus event, a gathering of 204 poets from around the globe, Khiev will be in the company of world-famous composers/performers […]

The Lotus that Went to the Sea is an upcoming documentary about modern Cambodian artists. The trailer that has been released portends sophisticated production values with an intimate portrayal of the artists, and the associated fundraising campaign has succeeded beyond expectations.