Humans of Khmer America

Brianna Mai – Lowell, MA

“What makes me laugh? If not everything, all sorts of things will always make me chuckle. I thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of laughing whether it’s a bad joke, pranking others, YouTube videos of clumsy pandas–you name it and I will find a reason to laugh (even if it doesn’t make sense.) Often times I find myself laughing alone while doing the dishes or my laundry by making up a joke. Frankly, I laugh to make others laugh. It sure is contagious, you know? I smile when I hear someone laugh and it puts me in a better mood, so why not be light-hearted about everything and hope someone gets a laugh every time I laugh. That’s just how I see things.

If I could be a super hero I would be Baymax from Big Hero 6​. I think my choice is self explanatory but to distinguish why I pick him over anyone else is because of his companionship and his intellectual ability to kick villain booty yet nurse someone back to health. Best of both worlds you know?”

Brianna Mai, 21
Lowell, MA

Photo by Phatry Derek Pan​

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