Humans of Khmer America

Chinsan Lim

Thanksgiving with my family seems ordinary: a packed house with a feast, watching football (Go Patriots!), and then eating more. This is one of my favorite holidays of the year as a Cambodian-American, simply because I have so much to be thankful for.

I am thankful that my parents survived the genocide and were able to immigrate to America. I am thankful that they taught me how to read, write, and speak Khmer and taught me to love prahok and trey ngeat. I am thankful that they were both able to attend college and obtain Master’s degrees, teaching in Lowell for the past 20 years and working as a bridge between the school system and the Cambodian population. I am thankful that they are capable of sending me to college to pursue my Master’s of Mathematics. For their unparalleled perseverance and relentless work ethic, I am indebted and utterly thankful for my parents.

Chinsan Lim, 21
Lowell, MA

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