Humans of Khmer America

Courtney Phom

My name is Courtney Phom, 16, and I’m half Cambodian and Laotian. I am currently a junior at Long Beach’s Polytechnic High School. Upon graduation, I want to pursue a degree in radiology to work in a medical related profession.

Growing up in the diverse city of Long Beach, I always understood the importance of embracing my dual identities. My parents raised me a certain way so I could balance between my Asian and American roots. For example, I have trained in Cambodian classical dance for over 8 years and had numerous opportunities to perform across California. I think it is important to maintain this art form considering how it was almost destroyed by the Khmer Rouge.

Other activities I enjoy doing are hot hula fitness, volunteering at the local veteran’s hospital, and make YouTube videos (“Christine Courtney”). Some people would describe me as hardworking, determined, goofy and bubbly.

Ten years from now, I see myself finishing med school and pursuing my career. I would also like to visit Cambodia for the first time.

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