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Aaron Hunro

My name is Aaron Hunro (@aaronangkor), 23, aka Aaron Angkor. I was born in the Inland Empire but I grew up in Long Beach, CA the majority of my life. I’ve been involved in the Khmer community in both regions and will continue to give back since I have learned so much from both communities. I recently graduated from University of California, Riverside and relocated to Hayward, CA where I’m in the Pre-Professional Academic Program at CSU East Bay. I’m also working part-time at a medical clinic as well as Nike. I’m aspiring to become a pediatrician and youth sports coach.

I believe that it’s extremely important to not only know our parent’s native culture but to embrace it as well. Our Khmer culture took a big hit because of the Killing Fields yet we work our way through the pain and struggles to have a better life for our family and future generations.

My parents are my first inspirations. They’ve gone through a tremendous amount of stress and sacrifice and I thank them for that. I also like to model myself career-wise like Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) & Dr. Ken Jeong (Mr. Chow from the Hangover), both do so many things that they love and they’re good at so it just gives me motivation to be like them.

I love volunteering at different events (Project Thank You America! Muscular Dystrophy Association Summer Camp, youth flag football coaching). I also play a plethora of sports (football, basketball, volleyball, baseball/softball) and do obstacle runs to stay in shape. I rap and put out music in my free time and I recently became a YouTube partner putting up random videos.

I love how Khmerican brings the Cambodian community closer together. It’s amazing to see so many Cambodians striving for better and becoming successful, whether it’s art, rapping, business, medicine, etc. I love seeing what our people are capable of doing.

I’ve only been to Cambodia once back in early 2003. We had a grand opening ceremony for the public library in my dad’s old village, the Hunro Public Library & Learning Center. My most memorable moment was reading to the kids there. I definitely want to go back again sometime soon to help whether it’s medically, going to coach there or teach English there.

I see myself as a pediatrician practicing global health care in third world countries hopefully with the US Navy with my sights on opening up my own practice in under-served communities.

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