Humans of Khmer America

Carol Te, Consultant

Carol is a second-generation Cambodian born and raised in Canada. She presently lives and works in Phnom Penh as a consultant at Emerging Markets Consulting where she leads and conducts research studies, monitoring and evaluation projects, and impact assessments for various international organizations, such as USAID, Save the Children, UNICEF, ILO, and CARE.

Carol earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Yale University where she focused her studies on genocide and reconciliation and worked at the Genocide Studies Department throughout her undergraduate studies. She completed a yearlong thesis entitled, “Invisible Voices: The Retention, Recruitment and Reintegration of Khmer Rouge Cadres After the War,” based on primary research in Pailin, analyzing the reasons the Khmer rouge gained and retained power.

Carol proceeded to earn her Master’s Degree at the London School of Economics in Human Rights where she wrote a dissertation entitled, “Civil Law and Multinational Corporate Responsibility for Human Rights: The Sovereignty Problem”, which argued that the non-interference principle is antiquated and advocated for the necessity of creating international civil law lens over criminal law to successfully review corporate violations of human rights.

We look forward to working with Carol and utilizing her expertise in monitoring and evaluating our programs.

Submitted by Molly Tow

Source: Women’s Resource Center

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