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Cheng Sok

My name is Cheng Sok, Creative Director and Lead Designer of Empire Distribution, a record label based in San Francisco, California. I am also the owner of Wet Graphics, a graphic design company and owner of Butterpress Boutique, a print shop based in San Jose.

Some of my career achievements is having the opportunity to produce, design and package promotional materials for major music artists. They include clients such as Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Too Short, Snoop Dogg, Keyshia Cole, Nipsey Hussle, Meek Mill, and many more. In current news, I am helping manage a Cambodian American artist name $tupid Young (left in photo). I believe he has what it takes to bring light to Cambodian talent in the rap field.

I am also proud to contribute to my community by providing employment opportunities to underprivileged young adults interested in print shop and design work.

My relationship with the Khmer community is minimal and I would like to change that. After seeing success in working at an independent yet strong music company, I see that I am in a position to help others and have made it a point to help shine a light to other Cambodians in the field.

The Khmer community is often plagued with a negative stigma, causing many young Cambodians to seek gang affiliation to help offset what may be lacking in their home. I seek to uplift this stigma. I want to be someone the Cambodian youth can look up to, a big brother figure, and maybe provide alternative routes in life.

My brand new 4 month old baby girl is my passion. She will be direct proof of what is possible when two loving parents come together and try their best, even though they may not have had a smooth upbringing themselves.

Ten years from now I will be happy to say I am able to employ and give opportunities to youth and young adults, whether it be learning how to print a t-shirt or design and mock up a huge billboard. Empowering the youth is where it starts.

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