Humans of Khmer America


Hi my name is Joseph and this is a picture of my sisters, my mom, and I at high school graduation. I am half Cambodian, half German.

I always make it my goal to make my mother proud. She is a Cambodian native and came to the US during the time of the Khmer Rouge. I look up to my mother as a role model because she came to this country with nothing, and worked as hard as she could so she could provide for her kids.

I am currently a Sophomore at Purdue University, working on my Bachelors degree in Professional Flight Technology, also a certified pilot. It is my goal to become a Cambodian commercial airline pilot, traveling all around the world. I would love to give my mother the pleasure of flying back home to Cambodia whenever she pleases. I am proud to be a Cambodian American, and want to share what we are capable of.

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