Humans of Khmer America

Peter Ek

“My name is Peter Ek and I am a first generation Cambodian-American raised in Long Beach, California now residing in the Bay Area. My parents were Khmer refugees who were able to escape to America during the Khmer Rouge. As a kid, I loved watching my mom and yeay (grandma) prepare Cambodian food for my whole family to eat. They brought over the traditions and recipes that I have grown to appreciate and love and now would like to share with the Bay Area in my new food truck – The Game Day Truck (GDT).

I opened GDT with two brothers, Anthony and Aaron Eder, and we clicked right off the bat because of our common love for food and sports. Our mission is to provide the best finger-licking game day food but with an Asian twist. As my business partners are Filipino, I bring the exotic Cambodian flavor to the table. I’m excited to fuse Cambodian food with everyone’s favorite finger foods to expose Cambodia for what it is–a beautiful country with a mystic culture, whose people are tough and resilient, and whose food is comforting, savory, and packed with herbaceous flavors. Come check out @thegamedaytruck next time you’re in Northern California!”

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