Humans of Khmer America

Kimly Kim

“The Khmer community is a lot smaller in scale compared to California or other heavy populated cities around the United States. But Houston has the biggest community in Texas. Nevertheless, our community has always been strong. I’ve always seen old and young hand in hand with each other in any time of need or when celebrating in times of prosperity. Everyone in Houston always seems to stay close with their Khmer roots which seems to keep us all united throughout the passing years. It makes me so proud to know I always have a community’s support. I’ve been surrounded by the same people since before I was born and are there still guiding me through life. I’m so blessed to gain their knowledge of philosophies. Not everyone has the benefit of coming from a culture like ours.

My non-profit organization [The CARE Zone] is the only one of its kind in the entire United States. We help with vehicle transportation through car donations. I like to assist those families who are going through the same struggles my family faced when making the move from Cambodia during the “killing fields.” These families are truly working hard to achieve their lifetime goals with little to no help. I’m so honored to at least have an opportunity to pay it forward since my family is extremely blessed.

Philanthropy is important because it allows the younger generation to follow in the same footsteps. We want to show the younger generation that they not only should as we do but do better for greater future.“

Kimly Kim, 23
Houston, TX

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