Humans of Khmer America

Remy Hou

“I think the Cambodia Journey is definitely an amazing opportunity. Something I’m very proud of and optimistic about; because, nobody has ever set up anything like this. The Cambodia Project brings young, talented, and educated young Cambodian Americans and even foreigners, to be able to participate in the country from a singular perspective.

Plus I think this is the right time, as Cambodia has grown, so much development is here and it’s emerging. As opposed to if it was 2008 or 2009 it would be different. So this journey could have a very positive impact on the diverse people that are on the trip. They can see a business opportunity and say, “let’s do that,” whereas in the past it was much more difficult.

This is a very encouraging journey for those that have never been here. They see this growth, and think “wow, Cambodia has come a long way.” So it gives them hope and a different view of the country. When they go back, they have so much more to say than just what they see on TV; what,  the propaganda and the media are saying, that this is a 3rd world; until you actually come here.” (½)

Rathana Hournhornnheanhou (Remy Hou),
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Interview by Lauren Imbrock

Photo Credit: Remy Hou

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