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Vorn Vann

My name is Vorn Vann, and I’m an aspiring designer. I was born in Thailand but raised in the Toronto area in Canada. I grew up around the Khmer community and this has, over time, ingrained a deep love for my people and our beautiful heritage.

I am currently working a full time job that allows me to have 3 days off a week, in which I work on my first love: fashion design.

My role models are my parents. I’m sure we all feel the same way about our Cambodian parents. They taught me that anything is possible. You just have to work hard and be patient. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

I enjoy all things creative and to do with art. An interesting fact is that I am a closet singer and a two-song guitar player. I know, this is quite impressive. I don’t mean to brag, but I am quite proud.

What I like most about Khmerican is that this is such an interesting platform. I think it’s great that we can all connect with one another, with similar backgrounds and be able to understand each other on a different level. Even if we are in different countries.

I have been to Cambodia twice before. The first time was very special to me, because I had the opportunity to meet my only living grandparent. I remember that trip changing my life forever.

Ten years from now, I hope to be happy and doing what I love and have been working hard for. I want to show that everyone starts off at the same spot. Some of us are lucky, and the rest of us just need to work a bit harder for it. I want to show, especially young girls, that it’s not just a dream.

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